What is this?

Did you know that butterflies live for just one day? What if, on that day, it rains? 

Some people feel like those butterflies: they never seem to be happy, since they sadly happened to live on a "rainy day".

You know, it's easy to help them feel a bit better. Join this newborn project that tries to collect positive notes for people who could need them, and maybe, after some time, if we try hard enough, these people will realize that it has been a tough life, but worth living.


Remember to be kind and don't worry about what you write: if it came from your heart, it can't be messed up.

Use the form next page or the comment section of this website or send me an e-mail, and write in the language you prefer: the more people can read something positive, like reasons to smile, or motivating quotes, the better!

Nobody will judge you, and you don't have to sign your thoughts. You are simply dedicating five minutes of your time to help people live a better life.

Thank you for doing it~